Our Team


Kujtim Abedinaj


Kujtim Abedinaj takes a vision and makes it reality through sound strategy development. He intuitively sees the threads of opportunity that wind through an organization, brings them together into a coherent whole, helps others extend their thinking, and drives material business advantage. He is an inspirational leader who tells stories that inspire action while at the same time is grounded in financial information that levers the business.  Respected as a credible voice in decision making, finding strategic financing partners, and establishing governance boundaries, Kujtim earns a seat at the table wherever he serves.   

Skills: Convincing and determined mentality, Open-minded and taking initiatives, Excellent communicator and mediator, Advanced leadership and management skills, Innovative and collaborative skills, Experienced in organizing and planning meetings, conferences for youth establishments.


Vanesa Berisha


Vanesa is a creative mind and sees opportunities in every element in life as well as in her work. She has a vibrant character and does not shy away from new challenges coming her way. She works hard and effective. She is an excellent manager and brings joy and positivity to her team. She asks a lot from herself as well as her colleagues, always trying to get the best out of everyone. With her compassionate and driven character no mountain is too high and no work is too complicated.

Skills: Advanced leadership and management attitude, Expert in Web development, Front-end, Back-end, Video Editing, Ecommerce, WordPress, Shopify, HTML , CSS, JAVASCRIPT, Customer Service and much more.



Web developer

Stefano is a Web Developer at ViaCommunications and loves helping people plan, optimize and launch new websites. He has spent the majority of his career in the e-commerce industry, gaining experiences in design and both front-end and back-end web development. While making e-commerce websites is his primary function, he also likes to do video editing for better marketing.

Skills: Web development, Front-end, Back-end, Video Editing, Adobe Premiere Pro, Photo editing, Photoshop, Ecommerce, WordPress, Shopify, HTML , CSS, JAVASCRIPT



Web developer

Marco is a Web & Graphic Designer and has a background in web development and experience of successfully designing a websites layout, usability and appearance. Over the last few years, Sean had the opportunity of working for several web design companies, this has given him extensive web designing knowledge and technical skills. He also have knowledge on Adobe Photoshop and Premiere.

Skills: Web development, E-commerce, WordPress, Shopify, HTML , CSS, JAVASCRIPT, Jquery, Php, Photoshop CC & Adobe Premiere.



Network Specialist

A highly motivated, versatile IT professional specialized in Cisco technologies, with several years of experience in the IT industry. Known for a personable approach to costumers and co-workers as well as for analyzing costumers networking needs and proposing networking solutions to SMBs and Enterprises. Consistent, over-achiever, responsible and results-oriented.

Skills: Cisco Technology, Hardware Asset Management, Software Asset Management, Business Analyst, Contract Management, IT Consultant



Software Developer

A creative software engineer, that delivered new and innovative solutions for different companies. She is known for her distinct programming style and her dedication to transparency and open-source development, utilizing the latest in developments from the software world to ensure her applications are up-to-date and user-friendly. Her current responsibilities include developing new applications for client-side service.

Skills: Angular, WordPress, Front-end, Web Design, PHP, HTML, CSS, JAVASCRIPT, Bootstrap



Senior Customer Service

A positive and enthusiastic Customer Service professional who is an expert at finding out what people really want. Oriana is a genuine team player who is comfortable dealing with customers and resolving any issues they may have. She has a track record of exceeding service expectations by improving response times to customer inquires, orders and questions.

Skills: Managing multiple customers simultaneously, Identifying opportunities for improvement of customer service, Maintaining customer database files, Ability to work independently and as part of a team, Excellent Microsoft Office and time management skills



Senior Customer Service Agent

A presentable, articulate and energetic Customer Service professional who loves getting things right for her customers and making them happy.
Adelina has a long history of offering the highest level of service to clients both face to face online and over the telephone. She has experience of providing a friendly and efficient service within a fast paced and challenging enviroment.

Skills: Seeing any issues through from start to finish, Good personal judgment when assesing customer needs, Ability to drive results even when time or resources are constrained, Providing a high standart of customer service, Excellent Microsoft Office and time management skills

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Senior Customer Service Agent

Gianpaolo is one of the Dedicated Customer Service Representative at Via Communication who’s his main goal is providing quality care for ultimate customer satisfaction. Proven ability to establish and maintain excellent communication and relationships with clients. Adept in general accounting and finance transactions. Dedicated to identifying customer needs and delivering effective solutions to all problems. Excellent time management skills combined with a superior knowledge of the customer service industry. Bilingual, hardworking, and ready to complete any task given to him.

Skills: Excellent communication skills,  Leadership skills, Multitasking skills, Marketing Strategies, Time management skills, Problem Solving skills.

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Customer Service Agent

Engaging and patient customer service professional with years of experience responding to all types of customer inquiries. A proven record of accomplishment in resolving complex customer issues. Delivers an excellent customer experience, helping customers choose the right product and/or service for their requirements. In previous roles maintained customer retention rate 45% above company average and received 99% positive customer survey results.

Skills: Excellent communication skills, Multitasking skills, Marketing Strategies, Time management skills, Problem Solving skills.

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Customer Service Agent

An organised, results-oriented Customer Service Professional with an excellent track record of significantly increasing service quality, sales and customer base. Outstanding communication, relationship-building and influencing skills; competent in building customer relationships which inspire confidence and loyalty. A highly efficient individual with extensive team leadership experience, able to adapt well to new environments and learn new processes quickly to achieve outstanding results. Strong ability to multi-task and prioritise, and able to organise, train and monitor teams

Skills: Good Communication Skills,  Leadership skills, Multitasking skills, Marketing Strategies, Time management skills, Data Analyst, Microsoft Word, Excel, Access

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Customer Service Agent

A proactive Customer Service Agent, handling various functions of Customer service, by interacting with customers to provide information in response to inquiries about products and services and to handle and resolve complaints by always displaying a positive attitude. Redjona is known to have excellent communication abilities and data entry skills, exceptional performance in solving customer problems and forming new customer relations.

Skills: Attention to Detail, Adaptability, Active Listening Skills, Positive Attitude, Communication, Patience, Problem Solving, Freshdesk, MS Excel, PowerPoint, Word – Microsoft Office Skills.

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Graphic Designer/Web Development

As the newest and the youngest addition to the ViaCommunications team, Nicolo brings in fresh ideas and a youth’s perspective. On one hand, with his skills in Graphic designing, he can bring any idea to life and, on the other hand, with his web development skills he brings the ideas to the costumer. Out-of-box thinker, dedicated, and delivers results.

Skills: Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Microsoft Office Package, HTML, Web Development, E-Commerce, Shopify.



Customer Service Agent

Devoted and performance-driven Customer Service Agent. Experience has lad her to upgrading work , identifying opportunities and successfully defusing the toughest situations. Seasoned multitasker able to prioritize in stressful ,high volume ,time sensitive environment with multiple deadlines. Productive relationship builder; excel at listening to customer needs, articulating product benefits and creating solutions that provide value to the customer. Highly professional-dependable , reliable and able to perform duties with minimal supervision.

Skills: Written and verbal communication, Costumer service metrics, Microsoft office suite, Bilingual in English and Italian, Creative problem solving, Analytical, Highly organized

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Customer Service Agent

A patient and intelligent customer service capable to build customer loyalty by leveraging interpersonal skills and offering top solutions. Stela is known for her kindness and positivity she transfer to the customers to ensure their satisfaction. Provided excellent quality on helping customers and communicating with empathy. Received a positive feedback rating of 99% based on customer satisfaction surveys.

Skills: Ability to work as part of a team, marketing strategies, management skills, high standards on solving customers  problems.

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Customer service agent & Graphic Designer

An ambitious and motivated worker who thrives on challenge and constantly setting goals for himself. He always brings positive energy and good vibes to the workplace. With an impressive set of skills in customer service, he makes sure the customers get a gratifying response. Besides that he is easily able to switch between various tasks when necessary.

Skills: Ability to work as part of a team, marketing strategies, management skills, high standards on solving customers  problems.

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Customer service agent & Graphic Designer

Avilio joined our team in 2021 as a Customer Service associate. He’s a quick learner and easy-going guy, responsible for the performance and engagement of different teams of associates across the Customer Service organization. Avilio takes advantage of his analytical skills to make quick data-backed decisions in time-pressured situations. 

Skills: Patience, Calculations, Multitasking and Managing skills, Problem Solving skills, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adove AfterAffects, JavaC++, Adobe Acrobat Pro, Microsoft Office Package, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Lightroom Adobe XD,

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Graphic Designer/Web Development

Matteo is a Graphic & Web Designer that brings new and creative ideas to the team. Experienced in digital marketing, product branding and web design, Matteo has worked for different companies completing many projects successfully and along the way learning new skills.

Skills: Web Development, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Premiere, Blender 3d, E-commerce, HTML, Shopify.